It all started when a man named Joseph Pollini set sail across the Atlantic Ocean during WWII.  Joseph was serving his country in the Italian Navy when he was taken prisoner aboard a large vessel headed towards America.  Imprinted aboard this ship, Joseph’s man responsibilities were to feed the captain and his crew.  However, when the ship docked in the marina just outside of New York City, Joseph embarked on a personal voyage, destined for the American dream.

Joseph worked hard to build up enough wealth in this foreign country to eventually open his own pizzeria on the south side of Chicago.  With much experience in Italian cuisine, Joseph introduced a delicacy new to his surroundings.  As one of Chicago’s founders of this Italian tradition, Joseph ran a successful pizzeria in the local community with the help of family and friends.  With limited menu items.   Son-in-law Mario Demonte decided to introduce new dishes to this pizzeria establishment.  Also, fine tuned in the culinary arts, Mario, an Italian immigrant from a small town in southern Italy, brought in authentic Italian recipes to this new concept of Joe’s Pizza, offering home made pastas, meatballs, fresh fish and pizza in the pan.  Catering to a wide variety of consumers, Joe’s Pizza offers party packages to large business along with convenient pick up or fast, hot delivery.  

Joe’ s Pizza is proud to announce it’s constant hard work and dedication to brining you the finest and freshest ingredients.  Joe’s Pizza, Inc. has been serving you an excellent home made Italian cuisines ranging from pizzas and pastas to sandwiches and seafood selections.  For a third generation to come, Joe’s Pizza is still ensuring consistency and quality using the same old fashioned recipe that started this success!